March 23,2014.
Nannette Del Fracasso in her new home. Sleepy from all the fun.

Sad news...
This is Burton "Maxt Out's Don't Tread On Me.
He was arriving 2/2/12 but a tragic fire 1/30/12 destroyed the home of Kennel Maxt Out's in Sweden.
Lina & Jonny and their three children survived but their girl puppy Lova, my pup Burton,
Happy a Mastiff & Huego a Bulldog all died.

God Bless you Burton.
You're forever with me in my heart.

Maxt Out's Don't Tread On Me

Maxt Out's Do Anything For Love,"Lova"
Maxt Out's Don't Tread On Me,"Burton"

God Bless you Happy. 
Bamse the Grandfather of the pups visiting.



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