Ebonny Debra-Damo

Sire: Ignacio Brindle Mastiffs at Spod holi
Dam: Feebee u Tri orechu
Whelped: 2-18-2013

OFA Eyes Tested: Normal 

PRA Tested: Normal

 CMR1 test result Clear/Normal

OFA Heart: Normal

                                                OFA Hips: Moderate 
                                                OFA Elbows: Normal

As of 2017 Ebonny is living nearby with the Thompson family. 

She enjoys her visits to the Senior Care Facility.



Achievements: Flying here from the Czech-Republic. Ebonny is such a sweetheart. I just love her!


Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents    


Ignacio Brindle Mastiffs





 Ionesco du Domaine de Straz

Valesco de Molossie

Alba de la Louvagerie

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 Feebee u Tri orechu

Casper Debra-Damo
Ch.Westgort Anticipation

Blanka u Tri orechu

Kumormai Efficacious
Ch.Westgort Innovation by Kumormai

Kumormai Sophie Nevea


Ebonny end of 3rd. month 50 lbs.

What a sweetheart of a puppy. She is so easy going.

4th month

5 months old 75 lbs.

1 year old



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