Millridge Ain't She Sweet

Sire: Terenzio's Bacardi
Dam:Wakonda's Joy-Jelan
Whelped: July 14, 2015.  
Eye cert & hips info:

                                                                OFA Hips: Good
                                                                OFA Elbows: Normal
                                                                        Heart clear
                                          Cystinuria: Clear no copies of the markers associated with cystinuria.
                                                               OFA Eyes: Clear Normal
                                                               DNA Test short coat allele
                                                               PRA Clear by parentage 





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 Terenzio's Bacardi




 Bulliff Erk

Irebon Black Diamond Sheemarlee Mr. Wotsisname At Irebon Eng.CH.Darkling Finn Mac CumHal
Dawnstar Dido
Irebon Xena Eng.CH. Brigadier Of Bredwardine At DawnStar
Ludlow Las
Bulliff Del Jengren Jailhouse Rock At Prixcan Eng.CH. Jengren Pluto
Jengren Storm In A Teacup
Bulliff Bwy Bulliff Yli Ytregrend
Bulliff Vasso Vero
CH. Paint It Black U'Tequilla Ned.&INT.CH.Curran V.D. Duncanhof Chatmo V.D. Freezing Wrinkles Greiner Hall Costwold
CH. Bigfoot V.D. Freezing 
Gwendolin V.D. Summes Mansio Greiner Hall Costwold
Evita V.D. Summes Mansio
Paint It Black Simply The Best Ethon CH.Bulliff Yrke Yttermoen
Ni Vue Connue Of The Little Big Man Horus Of The Little Big Man
Tina Of The Little Big Man


 Wakonda's Joy-Jelan

Ferguson Del Fracasso Cedwalla Crusader Finn Mac Cual At Jengren Coinmor Buccaneer From Jengren
Coinmor Banrigh Topaz
Cedwalla Sweet Clementine Faynad King Of Our Cottage
Cedwalla Prudence
Diamante Del Fracasso Sirkevin
Brigida Del Fracasso
Wakonda's Ferrelo FI CH. SE CH.NO CH. Sveahovs Nidhogg Vid SE CH. NO CH. Proudfoots Mithrandir The Conjurer
CIB NORD CH. FIN CH> SE CH. NORDW Ol'Norse Alvit Vikrdjupnir
FI CH. Vandogs Wakonda CIB FIN CH. RU JCH Wakonda's Night Thunder
RU CH. Bounty Mighty Poy



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